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Join Chef Paul Svensson for a vegetable cooking masterclass

See how the chef does zero-waste, vegetable-centric barbeque in a sustainable urban garden

Huvudsta Trädgård

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The Experience

Join zero-waste chef Paul Svensson, "The Green Butcher," for a virtual culinary masterclass on how to make the most out of vegetables. You'll get a prime view of the renowned chef as he cooks up a veggie-centric barbeque feast where unheralded parts of broccoli take center stage. From Huvudsta Gardens, a no-dig, sustainable urban garden in Stockholm, he'll demonstrate how to make a warm salad from asparagus and broccoli stems, along with a "choubriand," a greener version of a chateaubriand made with broccoli leaves on the grill. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


What's priceless


Becoming a more sustainable cook alongside Sweden's leading green-focused chef.


The highlights


  • Take in Chef Paul Svensson's virtual veggie barbeque masterclass
  • Discover the principles of zero-waste cooking
  • Find new flavours in familiar ingredients


  • Experience is valid until 31st December 2021
  • Video provided in Swedish with English and Swedish subtitles

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