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Discover Greek cuisine in three videos with a noted chef

Learn the history of Asia Minor's compelling cuisine with Chef Nena Ismyrnoglou

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The Experience

Revel in the diversity of Asia Minor's cuisine with noted chef, Nena Ismyrnoglou. Over the course of three videos, Ismyrnoglou, a top Greek chef, will showcase and analyze Greek recipes from the regions of Pontos, Istanbul, and Smyrna to impart a taste of the culinary history and culture of Asia Minor. Then, learn the skills to recreate these fantastic flavors in your own kitchen under Ismyrnoglou's expert guidance. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.



What's priceless


Expanding your epicurean exposure to Asia Minor among fellow foodies.



The highlights


  • Access three videos on regional Anatolian cuisine with Chef Nena Ismyrnoglou
  • Hear the culinary history and culture of Asia Minor
  • Learn recipes from Pontos, Istanbul, and Smyrna


  • Experience is available until further notice
  • Experience is provided in Greek with English subtitles

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