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Learn how to use stale bread to brew beer & make pizza at home

Join Paul Svensson and Stockholm Brewing Co. for this virtual class in brewing, cooking, and pairing .


The Experience

Let Chef Paul Svensson and Stockholm Brewing Co. teach you how to reduce waste and use stale bread to make your own craft beer and pizza at home during a unique video tutorial. Paul and head brewer Michel Ahlin Wigardt will take you through the brewing process, highlighting the equipment, ingredients, and techniques required. Then, the chef will demonstrate how to make pizza using stale bread for extra flavor—from the dough to the finished pie—before rejoining Michel to discuss the tastiest pairings. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.



What's priceless


Learning how to brew beer and make pizza while reducing waste.



The highlights


  • Discover one of the oldest methods of beermaking from the head brewer at one of Sweden's top microbreweries
  • Let an acclaimed chef teach you how to use stale bread to make pizza dough
  • Get tips on food pairings and beer-friendly dishes


  • Experience is available at no cost to registered Mastercard cardholders through December 31, 2020
  • Video is approximately 45 minutes
  • Video is in Swedish with English and Swedish subtitles
  • Recipe will be provided in your booking confirmation

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