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Take an exclusive tour of Chef Claus Meyer's private garden

Get expert tips on growing and using your own unique vegetables, fruits, and herbs

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The Experience

Get inspired during a video tour of culinary expert Claus Meyer's private garden. Relax at home as the renowned culinary entrepreneur shows off the unique vegetables, fruits, and herbs he grows. Listen while he describes the various ways he uses them to their fullest potential in the kitchen. Mads Boserup Lauritsen, Urbran Gardener and Architect and Founder of TagTomat (Rooftop Tomato), will also join to share some expert tips on successfully cultivating your own garden. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


What's priceless


Stepping inside the backyard garden of a famed chef and philanthropist.


The highlights


  • Take a video tour of Chef Claus Meyer's private garden
  • Learn about the produce he plants and how he uses it to the fullest
  • Let a master gardener give you tips on growing produce in your own garden


  • Offer is exclusive to Mastercard cardholders 
  • Experience is available until June 30, 2021
  • This experience is free and will be delivered via a pre-recorded video file via email after clicking "Add to cart"
  • Experience is appropriate for participants of all ages
  • Video is in English
  • Please reach out to the Priceless Concierge Team at support@pricelessus.zendesk.com if you have any questions

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