Join Marcus Samuelsson and Naomi Osaka for a multicultural cooking demo

Naomi Osaka

Learn to make a delicious dish that traverses international borders as renowned chef and restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson and explosive tennis star Naomi Osaka team up for a virtual cooking demo.

Exclusively for, Samuelsson developed the recipe by drawing inspiration from his own Ethiopian heritage and combining it with Osaka’s distinct Japanese and Haitian ancestry. Gather your ingredients and follow along as they make Beef Tataki (Japanese-style rare seared beef) with Awaze (Ethiopian spice paste) and Djon-djon rice (Haitian black mushroom rice).


Download recipe: Marcus Samuelsson Beef Tataki with Awaze and Djon Djon Rice

Featuring Osaka and Samuelsson cooking “together” from their respective home kitchens, this 7-minute cooking tutorial is equal parts education and entertainment. Join the fun from your own kitchen as the award-winning chef guides the superstar athlete through each step—from prepping the ingredients to plating the final dish—while sharing their fondest food memories.


During the video, Osaka and Samuelsson also discuss their charitable work to support COVID-19, specifically focusing on Samuelsson’s work with World Central Kitchen*. For those viewing this article from the United States, you can click here to learn more about how to support charities like World Central Kitchen, or simply cut and paste the following link into your web browser World Central Kitchen is a US 501(c)(3).


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