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JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Take a live digital cooking class with a master chef from Europe

Get the recipe and learn to cook a chef’s signature dish via livestream


The Experience

Bring chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants into your kitchen with live digital cooking classes from JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs, a great experience for all intermediate to advanced home chefs. Enjoy intimate one-on-one instruction from one of six master chefs from the comfort of your own home. Receive the recipe and gather the ingredients before class, then cook the chef's signature dish under their guidance via Webex. You'll also have exclusive Q&A time for all your burning culinary questions and can invite friends and family to share in the lesson. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.

What's priceless


Cooking together with a master chef via livestream.


The highlights


  • Learn signature dishes from world-renowned chefs in their national cuisine
  • Receive one-on-one instruction and Q&A time throughout the class
  • Get the recipes and ingredients to make the dish along with the chef

Chefs you can take classes with include:

  • Chef Enrico Bartolini of the 3 Michelin Star Restaurant Enrico Bartolini in Milan, Italy

    A native of Castelmartini in the province of Pistoia, Italy, Enrico Bartolini graduated from the Professional Institute Hotel “F. Martini” of Montecatini Term and completed his formative journey under the guidance of Massimiliano Alajmo. In 2020, Michelin attributed the highest award of three stars at the restaurant that bears his name inside the Mudec-Museum of the Cultures of Milan.
  • Chef Daniel Fehrenbacher of the 1 Michelin Star Restaurant Adler in Lahr-Reichenbach, Germany

    Daniel Fehrenbacher earned his culinary education in Germany from Hotel Restaurant Krone in Hayna and Hotel Restaurant Adler in Langenargen, both Michelin-starred restaurants. Since 2006, he is the fourth generation in his family to take over the direction of the Hotel Restaurant Adler. Fehrenbacher's arrangements are a skillful modern interpretation of the Baden-Alsatian cuisine.
  • Chef David Goerne of the 1 Michelin Star Restaurant G.a. in Caudebec-en-Caux, France

    David Goerne was born in Hamburg, in Germany, and he fell in love with French cuisine. After working in Paris, he decided to settle in Normandy in a small castle where he welcomes his guests at his table. David offers a refined and contemporary cuisine, using local products of the region.
  • Chef Paulo Airaudo of the 1 Michelin Star Restaurant Amelia in Donostia, Spain

    Paulo Airaudo was born in Argentina to a family of Italian immigrants and later received culinary training in restaurants such as Arzak in San Sebastian and The Fat Duck near London, both restaurants with 3 Michelin stars. In May of 2015, La Bottega opened a modern trattoria in the historical part of Geneva. In October of the same year, the restaurant received its first Michelin star. Paulo Airaudo opened his first restaurant in 2017, Amelia, in San Sebastián where he began his European adventure.
  • Chef Rafael Cagali of the 1 Michelin Star Restaurant Da Terra in London, United Kingdom

    Originally from Brazil, Rafael started his career at age 21 in London. After spending over three years in Italy to work under Chef Stefano Baiocco, at Villa Feltrinelli, he moved to Spain for the pioneer of avant-garde cuisine with Chef Quique Dacosta and for Chef Martin Berasategui of eponymous restaurant Martín Berasategui. His experimental cuisine is inspired by the flavors of his origins, with Italian heart. His first solo venture partnering with Paulo Airaudo to open Da Terra Restaurant achieved its 1 Michelin star in only 8 months of opening.
  • Chef Rudolf Štefan of the 1 Michelin-starred Restaurant Pelegrini in Sibenik, Croatia

    Since 2007, Rudolf Štefan has been the owner and chef of Pelegrini. Chef Rudolf Štefan puts emphasis on local ingredients, continuous staff education, and the innovative reinterpretation of traditional flavors. He aspires to preserve local flavors, those of his gastronomic heritage, this element of the tradition is his everlasting inspiration.


  • Offer is exclusive to Mastercard cardholders
  • Limited to 1 class per guest and additional bookings will be subject to cancellation
  • This lesson is free and will be delivered via a Webex video conference call with the Chef for the scheduled date and time
  • Signature dishes and chefs you can take classes with include: 
    • Enrico Bartolini (Italian Cuisine) - Risotto with red turnips and gorgonzola sauce "Evoluzione"
    • Daniel Fehrenbacher (German Cuisine) - "Summer-Salad" Sweet-Sour Aubergine, Curry-Popcorn and Black-Forest Ham
    • David Goerne (French Cuisine) - Trout with Caviar and Champagne Beurre Blanc
    • Paulo Airaudo (Spanish Cuisine) - Pigeon Cappelletti with Butter and Thyme
    • Rafael Cagali (UK Cuisine) - Aubergine Parmigiana
    • Rudolf Štefan (Croatian Cuisine) - Spring Orzotto
  • Chefs are available for 4 classes (maximum 2 time slots per day) from May 1-15, 2020 and therefore subject to availability
  • Classes are available on a first-come, first-served basis subject to reservation deadlines
  • Experience must be booked at least 3 days in advance
  • Guests are encouraged to select a recipe that adheres to their preferences as dietary restrictions cannot be accommodated
  • Upon scheduling confirmation by Mastercard Concierge, a recipe and shopping list will be provided
  • Webex instructions will be sent to you within one business day once a date and time is confirmed with the chef
  • Please download the Webex application to your desktop or mobile device at least one business day prior to your lesson
  • Guests should plan to prep before class such as weighing ingredients, boiling water, etc.
  • Experience is for 1 household but may be shared with friends and family outside of your home to watch the lessons, get to know the chef, and participate in the Q&A
  • Class will begin with 10 minutes of prep time and introductions followed by 50 minutes of demo and Q&A 
  • Classes recommended for intermediate skill level
  • All classes are available in English and additional languages noted below:
    • Enrico Bartolini (Italian), Daniel Fehrenbacher (German), David Goerne (French, German), Paulo Airaudo (Spanish, Italian), Rafael Cagali (Portugese, Italian, Spanish), Rudolf Štefan (Croatian)
  • Guests are encouraged to take/share photos of their experience, digital recording of the livestream is prohibited
  • Experience requires the cardholder to have a standard equipped kitchen and high-speed internet connection
  • Please reach out to the Priceless Concierge Team at support@pricelessus.zendesk.com  if you have any questions
  • Once the cooking class date and time is confirmed it cannot be rescheduled
  • Customer service is in English, but available in Italian, German, French, Spanish, and Croatian upon request

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