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Savour the flavours of Istrian wine and cuisine: In Brtonigla, Croatia (1)

San Rocco

Savour the flavours of Istrian wine and cuisine

Bite into a sommelier-guided meal in the San Rocco Heritage Hotel & Gourmet Restaurant's wine cellar 

Brtonigla, Croatia

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The Experience

Treat yourself to a 10-course dinner for two with Croatian wine pairings at the award-winning San Rocco Heritage Hotel & Gourmet Restaurant. You and a guest will savour a meal that stars classic Istrian ingredients like truffles, olive oil, and fresh, locally caught fish and wild game. Every course is paired with a local wine to tease out the full flavour of each dish. The restaurant's sommelier will guide you through each course and regale you with stories about each wine you taste. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


What's Priceless


Sharing an intimate, extravagant meal in a Croatian wine cellar with someone special.


The highlights


  • Feast on a 10-course dinner for two, paired with 10 Croatian wines
  • Sample succulent Istrian cuisine
  • Learn about local wine from a sommelier


  • Experience and purchase price are for 2 people
  • Experience is valid for guests ages 18 and up
  • Experience has to be booked at least 3 days in advance
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Savour the flavours of Istrian wine and cuisine

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Savour the flavours of Istrian wine and cuisine

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