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Clothes on hangers in a closet separated by wardrobe dividers. ©Joyful Living

Learn how to bring order to your closet in a video workshop with Joyful Living's Jasmine Dünker

Sort out your wardrobe with creative decluttering tips from an expert interior design and organising consultant


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The Experience

Get your closet set up for success with a video lesson from interior design and organisation consultant Jasmine Dünker of Joyful Living. You'll learn how to bring structure and order to your bursting closet so that selecting outfits is a breeze. Plus, you'll discover how to develop your own personal organisation system, keep things perpetually tidy, make use of everything you have in your wardrobe, and generally feel like you have more order in your life. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


What's priceless


Feeling free from closet clutter with your fellow fashionistas thanks to a professional organisation expert.


The highlights


  • Discover how to organise your closet in a video with Jasmine Dünker
  • Get tips on decluttering and staying tidy
  • Gain more balance in your life


  • Experience is valid until 09 June 2024
  • Experience provided in German and English

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