New York City Ballet offers virtual ballet-inspired classes for the whole family

With two colorful, three-part series focusing on ballet fitness, and inspired by company founder Balanchine's Jewels and his take on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, NYCB is motivating people of all ages to approach fitness with more flair and finesse — no dance experience necessary.

New York City Ballet

Ballet dancers are some of the most graceful athletes and artists on the planet, and the ones who display their dazzling talents at New York City Ballet are at the absolute pinnacle of their craft. The illustrious dance company has been mesmerizing audiences with its spectacular shows of athleticism and contemporary style since it was founded by renowned choreographer George Balanchine and arts impresario Lincoln Kirstein in 1948. Today's roster of dancers is dedicated to sharing the tradition and keeping it strong.


Speaking of strength, NYCB is helping fans at home get fit with a virtual ballet-inspired workshop series that appeals to all ages. Each workshop incorporates ballet warm-up exercises and gives viewers at home a chance to learn a short movement sequence inspired by a George Balanchine ballet. Not only that, no prior dance training is necessary to join, so even those who have never put on pointe shoes before can dip their toes in with ease.


Explore Balanchine’s beloved ballet based on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, in this three-part movement series designed for kids ages three to eight, with all ages welcome. Led by award-winning dancer Kristen Segin, this three-part virtual ballet workshop is the ideal entry for children to discover dance and fitness at an early age. Ms. Segin began her dance training when she was four years old and studied at The Rock School, the School of American Ballet, and the Pacific Northwest Ballet School before becoming a member of New York City Ballet's Corps de Ballet in 2009. Featuring feuding fairy kingdoms, quarreling couples, a troupe of bumbling actors who become entangled in a magical forest, and a mischief-maker named Puck at the center of everything, the story behind the ballet class is sure to ignite the interest of aspiring young ballet dancers.




Next, there's another virtual dance fitness series for adults based on Balanchine's iconic ballet Jewels. These workouts are led by award-winning dancer Sara Adams, a member of NYCB since 2009 and a Soloist since 2017. She began her training at age six at the Mid-Cape Ballet Academy before taking her talents to the Boston Ballet School and the School of American Ballet. The class is split into three parts that each represent a different jewel and focus on a different facet of physical wellness. The first class, Emeralds, highlights flexibility, stretching, and breathing. Next comes a riveting Rubies-inspired workout, featuring arm-sculpting exercises and cardio to elevate the heart rate. Finally, the third class is constructed to embody the strength of Diamonds and focuses on inner thighs, glutes, and abs, boosting core strength and toning leg muscles.

Whether you're looking for a new way to work out, you're curious about ballet, or you want to make fitness more fun for you and your little ones, these virtual ballet workshops from New York City Ballet are the perfect first steps. Get started right here at, and come back soon for more amazing experiences from NYCB.