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Watch Argentinian artist Aquiles work on a football-themed project in a video from his atelier

Learn about the artist's life and work as he showcases his abstract painting style in a project featuring soccer cleats

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The Experience

Get to know Argentinian artist Aquiles in a video highlighting his life and work. Take a virtual trip to Aquiles's atelier and explore how the artist fuses his abstract painting style with football, one of his country's greatest passions. Get a peek into Aquiles's process and see him work in his studio on a unique new project involving soccer cleats. Learn what inspires and drives him to create works that reflect our world. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


What's priceless


Watching an acclaimed artist work on an exciting new project with fellow art lovers.


The highlights


  • Learn about the life and work of Argentinian artist Aquiles
  • See his workshop
  • Get a sneak peek at his new football-themed project


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