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Learn food photography and styling with Ekarin Yusuksomboon

Unleash your inner culinary artist during an online food styling and photography class

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The Experience

Unlock the secrets of creating appetising art during an online food styling and photography class with Ekarin Yusuksomboon, founder of the creative culinary agency Food and Tone. Learn how to find inspiration, set the mood, and tell a captivating story through plate presentation and props, and pick up pro-level lighting and composition techniques to make any food shot remarkable. Then follow Yusuksomboon's step-by-step tutorial to create three creative concept styles. Exclusively for Mastercard® cardholders.


What's priceless


Creating captivating culinary images under the guidance of a noted food stylist.


The highlights


  • Explore food styling and photography with a renowned food stylist and photographer
  • Bring out your creativity with lighting, composition, and storytelling techniques
  • Get tips on starting a food blog or social media account


  • Experience is valid until 30 April 2022
  • Cardmember will receive a downloadable resource with the video link via email after checking out on Priceless.com

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