Elevate your wellness with Laila Ali, Meg Boggs and Lucie Fink in a new livestream series

Catch four-time undefeated women's boxing champion (and daughter of the late, great Muhammad Ali) Laila Ali, fitness influencer/author Meg Boggs, and Refinery29's Lucie Fink for three inspirational livestreams with actionable advice on how to approach health and wellness. Learn how to cook nutritious family meals with a legend, find time for fitness and body positivity, and how to keep a bullet journal to stay organized. 


Laila Ali

Focusing on health and wellness is something everyone should embrace, but it can be difficult to find the motivation to get started. That's why we're putting a spotlight on three amazing women mentors— four-time women's boxing world champion Laila Ali, fitness influencer and author Meg Boggs, and Refinery29's Lucie Fink — who are sharing the ways they make time for self-care and treating their minds and bodies with love and respect. 



In the first event is Laila Ali, the most successful athlete in women's boxing history and daughter of the late, great humanitarian and boxing icon Muhammad Ali. Watch Ali highlight healthy recipes that your whole family will find irresistible. As a world-class athlete, Ali understands how crucial food and nutrition are for winning in everyday life, and she's sharing some of her family's favorite dishes that even her children happily devour. "Using recipes that have been in my family for generations, and will surely be passed down to my kids and grandkids, I'm excited to share ways to make sure your family is eating healthy and delicious dishes at mealtime," she says. On top of that, you can enjoy hearing stories about her family from past to present. She even answers questions from the crowd during the live Q&A that took place during the livestream event, now available to watch above.



Next up, body positivity advocate, author, and fitness influencer Meg Boggs hosts an at-home workout tips for all body types and discussion on self-confidence and body positivity. As Boggs acknowledges, "It's extremely rare for there to be a fitness event that doesn't represent plus-size bodies in a way that only focuses on some type of weight loss transformation. I know just how important it is to see bodies like mine leading workouts, being celebrated, and enjoying fitness with a holistic approach." Boggs explains how anyone can get in tune with their body by using simple fluid movements. She's thrilled to be providing a safe and empowering space for people of all shapes and sizes to get healthier, happier, and more excited about exercising. 



Finally, Lucie Fink shows the importance of writing things down in a bullet journal to stay organized and work toward achieving your goals. As she explains it, "Keeping a bullet journal is absolutely priceless for me, since this little booklet acts as not only my daily planner but also my sleep tracker, goal tracker, and future vision board. It can seem tricky at first, but the concept is pretty simple and can flex to fit your lifestyle and organization preferences." You can tune in to Fink's journaling lesson above to start your journey toward better planning, tracking, and goal-setting. 


Start on your path to elevate your wellness and watch these enriching workshops. Together, Laila Ali, Meg Boggs, and Lucie Fink will help you lead a healthier, empowered, and inspired life.