Dive into street art with a virtual graffiti workshop from Berlin's Urban Artists

For more than two decades, Berlin's Urban Artists collective has nurtured and developed some of the world's top street art talents. Unleash your own creative impulses as its experienced artists teach you a range of graffiti techniques, then submit your best work to a jury for a chance to win a prize.

Urban Artists

It has a history that dates back thousands of years, but graffiti has always been the ultimate contemporary art form. Found throughout some of the world's busiest cities, these bright images and tags reflect the latest trends and freshest ideas in both art and society—and are often made by artists well outside the mainstream.


Graffiti's acceptance has grown exponentially in recent years, with urban-inspired works now hanging in elite museums and corporate headquarters alike. Today's most successful graffiti artists can have colourful murals on city walls and global ad campaigns for major brands at the same time.


It was in this spirit that Urban Artists, a Berlin-based collective of street and graffiti artists, was launched more than two decades ago. Members work together to push the boundaries of their field, staging dynamic gallery shows and developing relationships with the art and business worlds that open up a host of new opportunities.


Its artists have achieved major success, developing their distinctive styles on the streets of their hometowns and sharing their work in galleries, schools, offices, and museums around the world. The collective itself has expanded during this time, offering a range of tours, classes, and creative events for individuals and groups looking to explore and express themselves in this fascinating world.


Now, Urban Artists wants to introduce you to the colourful world of graffiti design through an interactive virtual workshop designed exclusively for Mastercard cardholders. Under the personal guidance of instructors who are also street art insiders, you'll get the ultimate overview of the genre along with a chance to do it yourself and receive expert feedback. It's the perfect opportunity to try your hand at this unique art form at home—no spray paint, stencil, or ladder required.


Your graffiti experience begins with a brief history of the modern street art movement, which is heavily influenced by hip-hop music and culture and originally proliferated in cities like New York, London, and Berlin. You'll learn about some of the first major artists to gain wide acclaim and see photos of some of their most notable works. Then, your artist-instructors will share some of their own work and describe the origin of their particular styles, from their artistic influences to the ideas that drive them today.


Finally, you'll get a chance to put your own pen to paper as the artists guide you through several graffiti exercises. Feel your creativity flow as you practice different street art techniques, and learn important tips on drawing, colouring, shading, and outlining that can make your words and images leap off the page. In the end, you'll have completed several original works of art you can display at home, share with friends, and build upon with future ideas.


As a newly minted graffiti artist, you'll also have the opportunity to send in your self-made design to be reviewed by a jury comprised of Urban Artists members. Submissions will be judged in three different categories, with the winners all receiving a special prize.


So invite some friends or family members to join you, grab some paper and pens, and let your most creative ideas splash out. You might just become the next great street art star—or at least discover a new passion that can add a little colour to your life.