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Get a taste of the pirate's life with Miami Children's Museum

Live out the fantasy with your kids through four videos of pirate singalongs, lessons, and much more

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The Experience

Join your kids on pirate adventures with four fun videos from Miami Children's Museum. Start with a pirate training session where the whole family will learn everything there is to know about being a pirate. Then, get a sneak peek of the museum theater troupe's Lost Pirate Adventures production. Plus, join the troupe for a rousing singalong with your mateys, and learn how to prepare the perfect pancakes to tame rowdy scalawags. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


For the full pirate adventure experience, be sure to check out Miami Children's Museum's pirate adventure activity guide too! 


What's priceless


Enchanting your little ones' imaginations as you all learn what it's like to be a pirate.


The highlights


  • View a four-part Pirate Adventure video series from Miami Children's Museum
  • Engage in fun activities including a singalong session and a performance from the museum's theater troupe
  • Make tasty pirate-themed pancakes with a provided recipe


  • Offer is exclusive to Mastercard cardholders
  • This lesson is free and will be delivered via a Vimeo link after clicking "RSVP Now"
  • Experience is available until further notice
  • Videos are in English
  • Experience is appropriate for children ages 3 and 12
  • Pancake recipe will be provided after booking
  • Please reach out to the Priceless Concierge Team at support@pricelessus.zendesk.com if you have any questions

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