Embark on a pirate adventure with Miami Children's Museum

Miami Children's Museum

Fun and educational activities to do at home with your family


Grab your trusty mateys and embark on a family-friendly pirate adventure from the comfort of your own home! Mastercard has partnered with the experts at Miami Children's Museum to design a collection of swashbuckling activities that the whole family will love. While your children get caught up in the adventure of these STEM- and art-based activities, you can feel good knowing that they're keeping their minds sharp. Click the links below to download step-by-step activity guides, and get ready for a fun family night!


1. Antique pirate maps: Pirates are known for searching for treasure across the open seas. And what's the best way to find treasure? With a treasure map, of course! In this activity, you'll make your very own map that will reveal the path to your hidden treasure.


2. Air cannons: Pirates of yore often used cannons in battle with other ships. In this experiment, you'll build your very own air cannons using cups and balloons. Then, experiment with your construction and setup to see how far your "cannonballs" can fly!


3. Sandy paint and peel: Explore your senses of smell and touch in this fun abstract art project. You'll learn how to create scented and textured paints to design a unique masterpiece that's perfect for decorating your pirate hideout.


For the full pirate adventure experience, be sure to check out Miami Children's Museum's interactive pirate adventure videos too!