Take your slumber party to the next level with tips from Miami Children’s Museum

Miami Children's Museum

Are you searching for more activities to do inside with the kids? Mastercard has partnered with the experts at Miami Children’s Museum to unlock the secrets to the perfect sleepover. We’ve dreamed up fun activities and cool crafts to help you create Priceless memories at home and ensure an epic evening for the whole family. Each snazzy sleepover idea starts with materials you can easily find around the house. Click the links below to download step-by-step activity guides, and get ready for a fun family night!


1. Build your own fort: Grab your pillows, blankets, and sheets, choose an optimal location in your house, and build your very own fort. Some construction tips and a few trusty clothespins will help make sure it stays up all night. Make sure there's enough room for the entire family! 


2. Flashlight scavenger hunt: Embark on a fun nighttime scavenger hunt to uncover hidden treasures...in the dark! Start with our list, or take turns making up lists of household objects to sleuth out with your flashlight.


3. Glow-in-the-dark oobleck: Create your very own ooey gooey slime and make it glow. This crazy goo is a non-Newtonian fluid: It can act like a solid or a liquid depending on the forces being applied to it. This activity is perfect for budding scientists!


4. Recycled lanterns: Design colorful “stained glass” lanterns to light the way using recyclable materials, paint, and tissue paper. 


For the full slumber party experience, be sure to check out Miami Children's Museum's interactive epic sleepover videos too!