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Learn the 7 secrets to successful communication with your child

Attend a video webinar with Irena Orlović and discover how to connect with kids during a crisis


The Experience

Gain valuable tips on supporting your child's emotional needs amid the COVID-19 pandemic with a pre-recorded video webinar series led by Irena Orlović, one of Croatia's top child development experts. In each video, Orlović will draw on her extensive training in neuro-linguistic psychotherapy to provide insights into childhood brain development, ways to empathize with children, and methods for communicating with kids during a crisis. You'll also get informative PDF materials and the chance to submit questions to Orlović. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


What's priceless


Receiving expert advice on helping your kids feel safe during uncertain times.


The highlights


  • Attend the 7 Secrets of Successful Communication with Your Child in Difficult Times webinar
  • Learn strategies for connecting and communicating with your children
  • Receive supplemental educational resources and worksheets via email


  • Experienceis available until 15 July, 2020
  • Experience is in Croatian with English subtitles
  • Participants can submit questions via email in either Croatian or English
  • Experience is free for all registered Mastercard cardholders

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