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Immerse yourself in the painting traditions of Trancoso: In Trancoso, Brazil (1)

Ser Trancoso

Immerse yourself in the painting traditions of Trancoso

Attend a workshop with painter Damião Vieira and leave with a signed piece of art

Trancoso, Brazil

20 people

20 people

3 hours

Past Event


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The Experience

Embark on an artistic journey through a Brazilian beach town during a workshop with Bahian artist Damião Vieira. Known for his colourful style, Vieira paints beautiful scenes of daily life and culture in Transcoso, Bahia. This artist is self-taught, and has been sharing his hometown with the world through painting since he was 12 years old. During the workshop, you'll be treated to a Bahia-style coffee break before learning the history and techniques behind his painting style. You'll leave with a strong understanding of Trancoso painting and a signed piece of art to commemorate your day. Exclusively for Mastercard Black cardholders.



What's priceless


Learning Trancoso painting traditions alongside a renowned artist and other art aficionados.



The highlights


  • Attend a workshop with celebrated painter Damião Vieira
  • Learn all about Trancoso painting
  • Take home signed artwork


  • Exclusive to World Elite™ Mastercard® and Mastercard Black™
  • Experience is available on 9 January 2020, 16 January 2020, and 23 January 2020, from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Experience will take place at Casa Mastercard
  • Experience is complimentary for Mastercard Black, Mastercard World Elite cardholders
  • Maximum of 20 people per experience and 4 guests per cardholder


Mastercard Priceless Trancoso - Aprenda a arte da pintura de Trancoso com Damião Vieira

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Immerse yourself in the painting traditions of Trancoso

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Immerse yourself in the painting traditions of Trancoso

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